City Employees and Officials

City Employees & Other Officials (2023-2024)

You can contact any of the staff by calling their phone numbers listed, or contacting the city finance office at (605) 847-4140

City Employees:

Finance Officer:
Brenda Klug - (605) 847-4140

Maintenance Supervisor:
Brian Zeeck - (605) 203-3030

Doug Bumann

Deborah Miller - (605) 847-4843


Fire Chief: Josh Buer

Assistant Fire Chief: Brian Zeeck

Fire Department Secretary: Jayden Woodcock

Fire Department Treasury: Tim Kramer

Ambulance President: Bonnie Nelson

City Boards & Committees:

Cemetery Board: Julie Johnson

Library Board: Kathy Nelson, Linda Iverson, Chrissy Paul, Margaret Wilde, Donna Korkow

Zoning Board: Kathy Nelson, David Hillestad, Jerry Brown, Delwin Smith, Loren Trygstad, Leroy Koch

Building Committee: David Hillestad, Delwin Smith


Official Depository: 1st National Bank

Official Newspaper: Kingsbury Journal

City Attorney: John Delzer

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